major investigations

Mississippi Goddam

Reveal’s serial podcast investigates a story that is a reckoning of justice in America.

After Ayotzinapa

In 2014, students from a rural college in Mexico came under attack by police. Six people were killed and 43 young men disappeared without a trace.

The Bitter Work Behind Sugar Series

Millions of pounds of sugar are harvested for the U.S. each year in the Dominican Republic, where the grueling work means harsh conditions and low pay for Haitian migrants.

The Disappeared Series

A collection of never-before-seen records shows what migrant children endure once they’ve been placed in U.S. custody.

American Rehab

A treatment for drug addiction has turned tens of thousands of people into an unpaid shadow workforce.

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Federal law has put thousands of women on anti-addiction medications into an impossible bind: Give up your treatment or risk losing your child.

In Bondage to the Law

Toforest Johnson has been on Alabama’s death row for 25 years. Now, his conviction is being called into question.

America Goes Psychedelic, Again

For 50 years, the idea of making psychedelic drugs legal again was unthinkable. Now, even conservative lawmakers are supporting efforts to approve psychedelics as a treatment for veterans with PTSD.

From Victim to Suspect

A young mom with a daughter to support puts up with her boss’s crude behavior, until one night she says he goes too far. She goes to the police – but that doesn’t solve her problem. It creates a new one.

How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong

Many schools teach reading using an approach that can actually make it harder for kids to learn. Kids are taught to use strategies like “look at the picture” and “think of a word that makes sense.” This episode is a partnership with American Public Media’s Sold a Story podcast.

Alphabet Boys Revealed

Secret undercover recordings reveal an FBI operation to infiltrate Denver’s racial justice protests in 2020. Reveal partners with the podcast Alphabet Boys to take listeners inside that investigation.