major investigations

Mississippi Goddam

Reveal’s serial podcast investigates a story that is a reckoning of justice in America.

The New Front in Voter Suppression

State legislators across the country are trying to dramatically increase voting-related prosecutions, inspired by Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

After Ayotzinapa

In 2014, students from a rural college in Mexico came under attack by police. Six people were killed and 43 young men disappeared without a trace.

The Bitter Work Behind Sugar Series

Millions of pounds of sugar are harvested for the U.S. each year in the Dominican Republic, where the grueling work means harsh conditions and low pay for Haitian migrants.

The Disappeared Series

A collection of never-before-seen records shows what migrant children endure once they’ve been placed in U.S. custody.

American Rehab

A treatment for drug addiction has turned tens of thousands of people into an unpaid shadow workforce.

Mississippi Goddam Chapter 2: The Aftermath

On the morning of Billey Joe Johnson’s death, crime scene tape separates the Johnsons from their son’s body. Their shaky faith in the criminal justice system buckles as authorities fail to follow up on inconsistencies in the official story.

Mississippi Goddam Chapter 1: The Promise

Billey Joe Johnson Jr. was a high school football star headed for the big time. Then, early one morning in 2008, the Black teenager died during a traffic stop with a White deputy. His family’s been searching for answers ever since.

The Great Arizona Water Grab

A surprising group of investors is fueling a global scramble for water in the most unlikely of places – the Arizona desert. As wells run dry, there’s a race for profits.