An illustration shows two people wearing masks walking past each other one the street. They make eye contact. Behind them, a boarded up store is covered with posters advertising delivery services and Black Lives Matter protests.
Credit: Molly Mendoza

At Reveal, our goal is impact. We pursue stories to help make the world a more equitable and just place. We measure our success through the real-world changes that result from our stories: new legislation, government and corporate investigations and reforms, advocates and affected communities using our reporting to improve their circumstances, and shifts in individual behavior. The impact from our stories informs everything we do. It guides us on choosing our stories, getting our work in front of affected communities and maintaining a drumbeat of pressure on stakeholders with new reporting. As the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative newsroom, our primary metric of success is driving positive change in the public interest.

To learn more about the impact our work is making, we are pleased to share our annual impact reports:

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