We are pleased to reveal the inaugural class of Reveal Investigative Fellows. The program supports journalists of color in developing their investigative skills, while providing the opportunity for their news outlets to benefit from their investigative work. The fellowship’s underlying goal is to increase the range of backgrounds, experiences and interests within the field of investigative journalism, where diverse perspectives are critically important. This fellowship was made possible with generous support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and will include at least 12 fellows over the next three years, chosen based on their promise and the projects they want to pursue.

Meet the Fellows

Yoohyun Jung – Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona

How did a small Tucson charter school rapidly become one of the biggest, most renowned school networks in the U.S.?

“I want to know why and how bad things happen in our community, especially when it involves vulnerable people who aren’t able to defend themselves. Some people go into the medical profession to help others or run for office or work in humanitarian aid. My method is journalism.”

Sierra Mannie – The Hechinger Report, Jackson, Mississippi

How are the civil rights movement and civics being taught in Mississippi schools? Are they part of a mandatory curriculum, and what are their social impacts?

“It’s our civic responsibility to hold the world around us accountable. I’m happy to try to do that in the state of Mississippi.”

Collier Meyerson – Fusion, Brooklyn, New York

How do New York state social services agencies decide which children to remove from their families?

“In my early 20s, I realized I wanted to be the person to help effect change through journalism. In five years in this industry, I’ve been lucky enough to do that across multiple mediums. None has been as rewarding as investigative reporting, where the cathartic uncovering of facts is matched with the depth to give important issues…an airing that can have a major impact.”

Laura Morel – Tampa Bay Times, Tampa, Florida

What are the unknown repercussions of the proliferation of gun sales in Florida?

“I recently worked on my first investigative project and was blown away by the response of our community and the positive change the story prompted. I can’t wait to work on another story that triggers the same kinds of conversations and action.”

Alain Stephens – KUT 90.5, Austin, Texas

Why do Texas police departments sell their used guns? Who ends up with that equipment?

“There is something magical about bringing unadulterated, uncontroverted proof to the conversation. As an investigative reporter, I can move past the anecdotal and put something tangible on the table. That’s when people start listening, when things get disrupted and the status quo changes.”