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Get CIR’s state-by-state data on regulations for armed security guards

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As part of Hired Guns, our new investigation with CNN, we combed through the various levels of training and regulations that each state mandates for armed security guards. Spoiler alert: Most states don’t require much.

Our handy interactive gives you an easy look at how each state stacks up. For those curious to dig deeper, we’ve made the data we gathered easy to download. Whether you’re a reporter writing a story about how your state regulates (or doesn’t regulate) armed guards, or an interested citizen wanting to learn more, just fill out the form below.

You’ll get a zip file that includes a spreadsheet with the regulations broken out by state, along with a readme document explaining the fields in the spreadsheet and how to credit The Center for Investigative Reporting in your work.

We’d love to see local media stories about the armed security guard industry, so please get in touch if you have any questions about the reporting or data. You can email me at