FRONTLINE: “Hot Politics”
Peter Bull: Producer and Writer
Deborah Amos: Correspondent
Pascal Akesson: Editor
Mark Hertsgaard: Reporter and Editorial Consultant
Justin Weinstein: Field Producer
Anthony Forma: Director of Photography
Christina Fleming: Production Associate
Oriana Zill de Granados: Senior Producer, CIR
Christa Scharfenberg and Dan Noyes: Executive Producers, CIR
Michael Sullivan: Executive Producer for Special Projects, FRONTLINE
David Fanning: Executive Producer, FRONTLINE               

THE NATION: “Don’t Bet on Offsets”
Reporters: A.C. Thompson and Duane Moles

THE NATION: “Adapt or Die”
Reporter: Mark Hertsgaard

WEB VIDEO: “Skateboarding for a Cooler World”
Presenter: Lee West
Written, Directed, and Produced by Niall McKay
Senior producer: Oriana Zill de Granados
Editor: Carlo Kamin
Camera: Andy Schocken, Marissa Aroy, Niall McKay
Researcher: Mia Lobel
Production Assistant: Ilja Sarro

WEBSITE: Waking to Warming
Oriana Zill de Granados, Reporter
A.C. Thompson, Reporter
Sonya Stokes Hubbard, Reporter
Duane Moles, Reporter
Carrie Ching, Web Producer

“Hot Politics” was produced with support from the Deer Creek Foundation, The Kendeda Fund, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The multimedia Waking to Warming project received addiitonal support from the 11th Hour Project.

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Chicago Daily Herald | April 26, 2007
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Globe and Mail | April 24, 2007
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