FRONTLINE, the weekly PBS television series, investigates the new front in the war on terror: Europe. Now home to 18 million Muslims — which some call “Eurabia” — the continent is a challenge to intelligence services on both sides of the Atlantic, exacerbated by political divisions over the Iraq War. In this joint multimedia project between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary program “the fifth estate”, The New York Times and FRONTLINE, Lowell Bergman examines the alarming threat radical Salafist jihadists pose to Western Europe and its allies including the United States.

The Center for Investigative Reporting provided support to reporter Marlena Telvick for her contributions to the program’s companion website at Telvick edited and produced the online project along with FRONTLINE’s web editors and authored two stories, “Al Qaeda Today: The New Face of the Global Jihad,” and a second, a look at why some Muslims are becoming radicalized in Europe.

Reporting for “Al Qaeda’s New Front” was done as a project of the Investigative Journalism for Print and Television Seminar at the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, taught by Lowell Bergman and Rob Gunnison. Reporting by students helped inform the on-camera interviews, and more extensive articles by them are featured on the FRONTLINE Web site.

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