Four reporters associated with the Chauncey Bailey Project will be awarded the McGill Medal for Journalistic Courage on Wednesday, March 24, at the UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The reporters are Thomas Peele, Josh Richman, Mary Fricker and Bob Butler. The four wrote more than 100 stories about the group, the murder, and the police investigation.

Chauncey Bailey was editor of the Oakland Post, who was murdered in 2007 while investigating members of Your Black Muslim Bakery, headquartered in Oakland, California. The four reporters continued to tell the story despite obvious dangers.

The award is named after Ralph McGill who was regarded by many as “the conscience of the South” for his editorials challenging racial segregation. Richman and Butler said they were honored and humbled by the award. Peele said, “To win an award that memorializes the work of Ralph McGill is a high honor.”