‘s weekly roundup of international stories that got little play in the mainstream media—“News You Might Have Missed”—features investigations about child labor in rural India and the Phillipines.

According to, several recent news reports show that child labor is still prevalent in rural parts of the developing world.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that “children as young as 9 work in sugar cane plantations, deep-sea fishing, mining and other industries in the islands’ rural areas.” also cites a Forbes magazine article about cotton plantations in India, where Monsanto is growing hybridized cottonseed.

Much of the manual labor is performed by children who are paid 20 cents an hour to stoop over cotton fields from dawn to dusk … [O]ne study that found that 420,000 children under the age of 18 were employed by cotton plantations in India, with 54 percent of that number under the age of 14.

>> Read the report “Child Labor Goes Rural” for more details.

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