Twelve journalists have been killed in Colombia in the past six years. Nearly 400 have had their lives threatened in the same period. Link TV and CIR dig deeper with Hollman Morris, the Colombian journalist who was featured in the first episode of “The Investigators,” CIR’s web-video series about investigative reporting.

On Link TV’s “Latin Pulse,” CIR’s Mark Schapiro talks to Morris via Skype about new developments with his television show, Contravia—including a recent scandal involving the Colombian secret service, which had been conducting systematic surveillance of Morris’ mail, movements, and computer communications for years, according to documents released in the Colombian Congress in March.

Watch the episode from Link TV’s “Latin Pulse” here:

>> Watch CIR’s interview with Hollman and Juan Pablo Morris on “The Investigators.” Learn more about CIR’s web series about investigative reporters.

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