Last year, the Emmys created a category for online documentaries and multimedia projects. Nominees include major media organizations and user-generated content. The reports span the relocation of trailer home dwellers in California to NATO soldiers in Afghanistan on a humanitarian mission.

The Washington Post received the most nominations. “A Nation Divided” examines how three different American towns deal with losses in the Iraq war. Reporter Travis Fox returns to New Orleans in “After the Destruction.” Iraqi and Vietnam veterans speak about their experiences in “Living with PTSD.” “OnBeing” lets normal people in Washington, D.C. speak about pet peeves and life.

FRONTLINE/World followed the British NATO commander in “Afghanistan: The Other War.” Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova examines prostitution in Dubai, while Victoria Gamburg went to Russia to look at Moscow’s version of Sex and the City.

The San Jose Mercury News follows a community of trailer home residents as they are dislocated in “Uprooted” and a health care reform campaign in Sacramento for “Into the 25th Hour.”

A New York Times reporter follows a homeless man through the process of moving from a cave in the Bronx to an apartment in Little Italy in “Life in Transition.”

MediaStorm and The Los Angeles Times follow a marine home after serving in Iraq in the “Marlboro Marine.” MediaStorm was also nominated for an audio slideshow: “Crisis Guide: Darfur.”

Current TV’s Christof Putzel received two nominations for “Mogadishu Madness”, a story about the new self-proclaimed government in Somalia, and “From Russia With Hate”, about a growing anti-immigrant Neo-Nazi movement.

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Lisa Pickoff-White

Lisa is a multimedia producer for California Watch. Before that, she was a print, multimedia and radio reporter in the Bay Area and Washington, D.C. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, National Journal, KALX, Bay Guardian and UPI. She recently graduated from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism with an emphasis in new media.