In the latest Nieman Reports, CIR’s new executive director Robert Rosenthal writes about his own experiences in the newspaper business and the “new models” that journalists must embrace in order to survive and succeed:

What will new models look and be like? … To use the term “news organization” does not begin to describe the potential opportunities I see ahead for these new ventures. “Publishing” partnerships will be formed and collaborations among news organizations—though these might look very different than we think of them today—will be crucial.

Creating these organizations—using a new DNA—will be easier than the slow transition we are witnessing today with the “old model” organizations. Energy increases when we become engaged in building something new instead of feeling demoralized as institutions we once valued so highly are being destroyed by our own cannibalization.

>> Read “Optimism in a Time of Chaos and Change” in the Winter 2007 Nieman Reports.

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