The world is watching Copenhagen. Here is your chance to be heard. Send your comments and questions about the climate change summit to CIR senior correspondent Mark Schapiro via FRONTLINE/World’s new web-cam tool:

Whatever your concerns are about climate change and wherever you live in the world, we’d love to hear from you. For the next 10 days we have a team from FRONTLINE/World covering the U.N. Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. As they report from this chaotic gathering and track down some of the major stakeholders, we wanted to invite our viewers to ask Mark Schapiro, our lead reporter there, your most pressing questions. You can do this by using a great new video record tool. It’s simple and fun to use. Just click on the record button below, leave your message, and submit. We will then take a selection of your questions for an interview with Mark that we will post before the summit ends on December 18th.

>> Send your video message here.

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