Today, Public Radio International featured Michael Montgomery’s reporting on Kosovo in their radio program, “The World.” They also showcased CIR’s web-video journals with Montgomery, part of our web-video series, “The Investigators.”

From PRI:

At this time ten years ago, the war in Kosovo had officially ended. NATO troops and UN administrators were flooding into the province to enforce a peace agreement with Serbia. Following the peacekeeping force into Kosovo were hundreds of thousands of triumphant ethnic Albanians who had been expelled by Serbian forces during the war. The war was over, but not the violence. In the months that followed, hundreds of people were murdered or disappeared. Many victims were from the minority Serb population. Investigative journalist Michael Montgomery spent years investigating what happened to them. Now with the San Francisco-based Center for Investigate Reporting (CIR), he recently returned to Kosovo to produce a radio documentary for the BBC. Together with a team of Balkan reporters, he uncovered strong evidence that some abductees may have been secretly removed from Kosovo under the noses of NATO and the United Nations.

“The Investigators” is also a regular feature on the Columbia Journalism Review’s website.

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