As the fast-motion oil catastrophe unfolds in the Gulf, check out some great reporting from a new media consortium, The Climate Desk . The desk is an innovative cooperative approach to in-depth reporting into climate change and energy. Participants range across all media, including Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Wired, Slate, Grist, WNET’s news show Need to Know, and CIR. They sent a team down to the Gulf which is producing some insightful revelations, analysis and news. Here is some of the latest:

Conflict of Interest for Judge Who Decided Against Offshore Moratorium?

License to Drill: New Leases in the Gulf of Mexico

How Will Distributing Money from the $20 Billion Claims Fund Work?

Why Won’t BP Measure the Oil Spill?

Why Did BP Take the Risks That it Did?

Should I Boycott BP?

Uncharted Waters: The Spill and Human Health

How do you put a dollar value on something like a coral reef?

Uncharted Waters: The Spill and Human Health

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