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Our new film, “Victim/Suspect,” reveals how the criminal justice system protects sexual abusers and betrays survivors.

The truth will not reveal itself.

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Who Owns the Fish?

Any commercial fisherman used to be able to fish in U.S. seas. Not anymore. Today, the right to fish belongs to a number of private individuals who have traded, bought and sold these rights in unregulated markets. This system, called “catch shares,” favors large fishing fleets and has cut out thousands of smaller-scale fishermen. How […]

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Prisoners of Tradition

With news of the assassination of the second female minister in Afghanistan this week, CIR looks at the oppression and intimidation of Afghan women and the implications for their security as the U.S. withdraws its troops. The story takes viewers inside women’s prisons in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif to provide a rare glimpse of a shocking […]

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Video: The man who armed the Panthers

The man who helped arm the Black Panthers in the 1960s turns out to have been an FBI informant, according to FBI files uncovered by journalist Seth Rosenfeld. A mysterious character who sported sunglasses even at night, Richard Aoki was a militant leader of the Third World strike and an activist with the Asian American […]

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Behind the Story: Price of Sex

Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova tells CIR about her experience filming undercover for “The Price of Sex,” a documentary about young Eastern European women who have been drawn into a netherworld of sex trafficking and abuse. Gaining extraordinary access to young women who were supposed to be silenced by shame, fear and violence, Chakarova illuminates how even though some […]

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Behind the Story: ‘If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front’

Oscar nominee Marshall Curry discusses making this part coming-of-age, part cops-and-robbers thriller that asks hard questions about environmentalism, activism and terrorism. Camera and editing: Ariane Wu Interview: David Ritsher Official Site: If a Tree Falls Transcript Director Marshall Curry: I didn’t know a lot about the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) in the beginning. So, really […]