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Posted inCriminal Justice, Health Care, Health Care Scams

Clinic leaders tied to fraud in LA reap taxpayer funds in Riverside County

The state Department of Health Care Services has primary responsibility for safeguarding the Medi-Cal program against fraud. It took over Drug Medi-Cal in 2012.CNN A drug rehab clinic in Los Angeles was shut down after a criminal investigation found Medi-Cal fraud. Another, in Riverside County, continued to flourish, reaping increasing amounts of taxpayer money. The […]

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Posted inCriminal Justice, Health Care, Health Care Scams

Lax oversight leaves California drug rehab funds vulnerable to fraud

Alexander Ferdman was convicted in 2000 of engaging in organized crime in Texas. Despite a state law barring felons from running Medi-Cal clinics, California officials approved his drug rehab clinic in 2003.CNN Highlights Weak, uncoordinated oversight by state and county officials has allowed fraud to flourish in California’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. State officials […]

Posted inCriminal Justice, Health Care, Health Care Scams

California rehab clinics bill taxpayers for fake clients, addictions

Victoria Byers said that as a teenager, her group home took her to So Cal Health Services in Riverside, Calif., for rehab even though she didn’t drink or do drugs. CNN Highlights Fraud is rampant in California’s drug rehabilitation program for the poor, with clinics cheating taxpayers by billing for counseling that never happened. Clinic […]

Posted inHealth Care

Hole in California law allows sex offenders to become addiction counselors

California State CapitolAndy Z./Shutterstock “Sexual psychopath.” That was the diagnosis a court-ordered psychiatrist gave Donald Robert Hoffman after he was convicted of molesting a 13-year-old boy in 1965. Hoffman, the psychiatrist determined, was a danger to others. But that history didn’t stop Hoffman from becoming a state-registered drug and alcohol counselor decades later, even though […]