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Homeland Security Marked By Waste, Lack of Oversight

Items purchased by agencies with anti-terrorism grantsin California range from search and rescue vehicles(top right) to detection devices for methane and ammonia(left) or nerve and blister agents (bottom right).California Emergency Management Agency Soon after hijackers obliterated the World Trade Center towers eight years ago, Marin County received more than $100,000 in surveillance equipment to keep […]

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Fear and Fortune

It seemed impossible that John C. Mattman could fail. But a mere seven months after his company went public in 2006 and began selling shares boasting that its success was assured, the unthinkable happened. By the end of that year, Mattman had just $200 in a personal bank account and $2.3 million in outstanding claims […]

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Gasto en seguridad nacional marcado por despilfarro y supervisión deficiente

Inspectores estatales identificaron más de 15 millones de dólares en gastos cuestionables provenientes de subsidios para seguridad nacional gastados en California, concluyó una investigación realizada por California Watch. Haciendo uso de las leyes de registros abiertos del estado, la unidad investigadora iniciada este año por la organización sin fines de lucro Centro para Informes de […]

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Are Things Any Different in Denver?

The Center for Investigative Reporting sought to examine documents from fusion centers in both Denver and St. Paul to better understand what roles they played in the security preparations for last year’s Democratic and Republican national conventions. But authorities in Colorado refused a public-records request sent by CIR. The Colorado Information Analysis Center is run […]

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A Legacy of Spying

Initially created with the promise to help fight terror at the local level, the majority of fusion centers across the United States since have shifted to a general crime-busting mission, partly to justify their annual operating budgets as state lawmakers face greater fiscal pressures due to a wilting economy. Robust political support for them proliferated […]