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Meet the lawyer who keeps some of America’s worst charities in business

Update, Sept. 12, 2013: This story updates information about Civic Development Group. Errol Copilevitz started his legal career representing strip clubs and porn shops on the seedy side of Kansas City. Then he took free-speech arguments honed defending topless bars to a more lucrative field. Philanthropy. Today, Copilevitz is the undisputed king of the charity […]

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In wake of report, charities come under increased scrutiny

America’s worst charities have come under renewed scrutiny following a series by the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting that ranked organizations based on how much they spent on professional solicitation companies over the past decade. A leading watchdog group is reviewing its ratings of charities on the Times/CIR list, regulators in […]

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Part 3: How one family turned your goodwill into their livelihood

Carol Smith still gets angry when she remembers the box that arrived by mail for her dying husband. Cancer Fund of America sent it when he was diagnosed with lung cancer six years ago. Smith had called the charity for help. “It was filled with paper plates, cups, napkins and kids’ toys,” the 67-year-old Knoxville, […]