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Behind the Story: ‘Life on the Edge: Looting the Seas’

As the world catches the taste for sushi, the Atlantic bluefin tuna has been dangerously overfished, with some experts saying the species is on the verge of collapse. A two-year investigation uncovers a deeply flawed monitoring system, with fisheries and even European governments exploiting loopholes to haul in more fish than they disclose. “Life on […]

Posted inNational Security

Behind the Story: ‘Iraq’s Secret War Files’

How different are what political leaders say in public and what they may have known in private? The documentary “Iraq’s Secret War Files” reveals that it is often divergent. Executive producer Iain Overton and the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism were given first-look access to nearly 400,000 WikiLeaks reports detailing American involvement in Iraq under […]

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Posted inAccountability

Behind the Story: ‘Cinema Komunisto’

Director Mila Turajlić’s debut documentary, “Cinema Komunisto,” has screened around the world, garnering her a multitude of awards and international recognition. Turajlić spent four years hunting down archival material, often saving footage from complete abandonment and physical disrepair. Through her fervent efforts, Turajlić found and filmed President Josip Tito’s personal film projectionist. It is through […]