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Susan Ferriss


Susan Ferriss is a reporter with wide experience at home and abroad. She has investigated a range of issues, from military toxic waste and real-estate fraud to police corruption and international drug trafficking. She covered California state government and politics for several years, and was a prize-winning foreign correspondent in Latin America, where her reports included stories on child labor, child migration and transnational gangs.


Criminal Justice

How kicking a trash can became criminal for a 6th-grader

An analysis by the Center for Public Integrity raises questions about what kind of incidents at school merit police or court intervention and provides fodder for a debate over whether children are getting pushed into a so-called “school-to-prison pipeline” unnecessarily and unjustly.

Apr 11, 2015

Throwaway kids: Disciplined California teens struggle to school themselves

Seventh-grader Erick Araujo, 13, of Lost Hills, Calif., was expelled from his middle school last semester and sent to an alternative county-run school 38 miles away. Because of the distance, Erick is on an independent study program and sees a teacher one day a week. Reading and answering questions in this history text was the

Jul 15, 2013
Criminal Justice

School discipline reform groups question plans for armed security

Los Angeles police Sgt. Frank Preciado and Officer Wendy Reyes watch children arriving at Main Street Elementary School. Los Angeles schools reopened after winter break with tighter security after the shootings in Newtown, Conn.Nick Ut/Associated Press As the White House considers proposals to allocate federal money for armed guards in schools, prominent school discipline reform

Jan 15, 2013