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Posted inEnvironment

Boy Scouts put rare plant in danger

Biologist Andrea Edwards inspects a Dudley’s lousewort along a trail at the Boy Scouts’ Camp Pico Blanco south of Monterey, Calif. The Boy Scouts have cut down old-growth trees at the camp and trampled specimens of the rare plant.Erik Verduzco/For the Center for Investigative Reporting Expulsion from the Boy Scouts of America is a dishonor […]

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System turns US fishing rights into commodity, squeezes small fishermen

San Francisco fisherman Larry Collins waits for a crabbing boat near Fisherman’s Wharf in January. Collins says catch shares are squeezing out small fishing operations. “This system has given it all to the big guys,” he says.Mike Kepka/San Francisco Chronicle SAN FRANCISCO – For centuries, men like Larry Collins, a garrulous crab and sole fisherman, […]

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Who Owns the Fish?

Any commercial fisherman used to be able to fish in U.S. seas. Not anymore. Today, the right to fish belongs to a number of private individuals who have traded, bought and sold these rights in unregulated markets. This system, called “catch shares,” favors large fishing fleets and has cut out thousands of smaller-scale fishermen. How […]