TechRaking is not an event. TechRaking is people. TechRaking is work. TechRaking is hard.  Hard to make happen, hard to run, hard to follow up on. Yet we do, and we are motivated by a single idea: to make journalism better through smart solutions and smart connections. This year we have hosted eight TechRaking events around the world. None of them demonstrate the energy and commitment to innovation more than our final event in the series for 2015, held on September 16 and 17 at the NUMA tech space in Paris. An eclectic mix of journalism startups from across France and Europe came together to share their experiences launching and sustaining newsrooms in the face of incredible challenges. We learned about creative and important new approaches to community engagement, and dissected important stories these innovators were covering and the reason they were called to act. This pioneer spirit now propels the most ambitious project to ever emerge from TechRaking: Re-Creation.

Re-Creation is a network of technology and business accelerators for european journalism startups to be designed in partnership with existing incubators and technology centers in diverse parts of Europe. Re-Creation will be a network of people and projects working to define new ways of funding, producing and distributing journalism across the continent. The Center for Investigative Reporting will help recruit and guide partners through the creation of Europe’s first platform for journalism innovation, training and market growth.

Read about some of what happened at our Paris Techraking, as well as find resources about the work that Paris journalists are doing, below.

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