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Equal Employment Opportunity: Who Rises to the Top?

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Source: U.S. Department of Labor


We Forced the Government to Share Corporate Diversity Data. It’s Giving Companies an Out Instead.

August 29, 2022

Judge Backs Reveal’s Suit to End Secrecy Around Silicon Valley’s Diversity

December 13, 2019

Same Data, New Lawsuit: Reveal Sues Labor Department for Failure to Release Updated Silicon Valley Diversity Numbers

April 5, 2019

Silicon Valley is Leaving Women of Color Behind. A New Collaborative Hopes to Change That.

August 7, 2018

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Credit: Photo illustration by Gabriel Hongsdusit/Reveal

Hidden Figures: How Silicon Valley Keeps Diversity Data Secret

Silicon Valley companies had many reasons for withholding the data, including Yelp’s diversity officer, who called it “probably not very interesting.”

  • Diversity data: Who released theirs, and who didn’t
  • Methodology: How we analyzed Silicon Valley tech companies’ diversity data
  • Get involved: How you can push for more transparency from Silicon Valley’s tech giants
  • Listen: Tesla and Beyond: Hidden Problems of Silicon Valley

Credit: Gabriel Hongsdusit/Reveal

Here’s the Clearest Picture of Silicon Valley’s Diversity Yet: It’s Bad. But Some Companies Are Doing Less Bad.

While tech companies’ racial and gender disparities are grave, Reveal found many firms haven’t been held back by conventional excuses.

  • Methodology: How we created a baseline for Silicon Valley’s diversity problem

Credit: Photo illustration by Gabriel Hongsdusit/Reveal

Oracle and Palantir Said Diversity Figures Were Trade Secrets. The Real Secret: Embarrassing Numbers.

The Labor Department initially sided with tech companies to block the data, but released it after Reveal filed a lawsuit.

  • Impact: We got the government to reverse its longtime policy to get Silicon Valley diversity data