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Akron, Ohio – a Rust Belt city with a storied manufacturing past – is trying to stage a comeback, offering tax breaks and other incentives to spur development. But one of the biggest obstacles might be the city’s housing market. Akron was consistently ranked among the cheapest housing markets in the country, yet rents have risen 50% in the last two decades, while wages have remained stagnant. And the eviction rate was the highest among Ohio’s largest cities.

Home in Akron – a news collaborative featuring the Akron Beacon Journal, The Devil Strip, WEWS News 5, WKSU Radio, Your Voice Ohio and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting – wanted to help audiences understand these housing issues and their underlying reasons. And as our reporting has continued, we also want to shed light on how the pandemic is changing the neighborhoods and living situations of city’s residents.

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