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Reveal Investigative Fellowships

In 2016, we launched a project-based fellowship for diverse journalists. The Reveal Investigative Fellowship will help strengthen a field in which diversity of background and perspective are more crucial than in any other corner of media.

The yearlong fellowship, made possible with generous support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, emphasizes development of investigative reporting skills for early- to mid-career reporters and producers. It is intended for journalists currently employed by other outlets and includes on-site training at CIR’s Emeryville headquarters, ongoing coaching and mentoring, travel reimbursement and a $10,000 stipend to support the resulting text, audio, video or multimedia projects.

The Reveal Investigative Fellowship grew from a CIR staff diversity initiative, which underscored that even though CIR’s newsroom is among the most diverse in the nation, it does not yet mirror the country’s demographics. Attaining staff racial, ethnic and gender diversity always has been a particular struggle in investigative journalism. But too many newsrooms get frustrated and give up. CIR is committed to putting in the extra effort to responsibly reflect the world on which it reports. This fellowship is one of three primary strategies the organization is undertaking, alongside hiring and retention policies that favor a diverse workforce and regular assessment of our editorial content, to ensure it reflects our diversity.