The Reveal Reporting Network

Partner requirements


By using the tips, datasets or other information we provide to network participants, you agree to the following guidelines.

  1. You are legally responsible for all published stories and acknowledge Reveal is not. You are responsible for your own editorial and legal vetting of any stories created as a result of the tips and acknowledge that Reveal is not and cannot be held legally responsible for the content you publish or broadcast as a result. By signing up for the network, you agree to indemnify Reveal.
  2. Please follow the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics, available here, when you use the tips and datasets, as well as when contacting tipsters we have provided.
  3. If you reach out to tipsters, please make it clear that you received their tip from  Reveal. The tipsters shared their information with us. To avoid confusion, it’s important to tell them you learned about them through Reveal. Suggested language: “Our newsroom is a part of the Reveal Reporting Network, and they shared your tip with us.”
  4. In your story, credit Reveal for having provided specific information for the reporting. Use the following credit language: This story was completed with information from the Reveal Reporting Network.
  5. If the story has a tip form, please embed it in all digital versions of your story. This allows tips to continue flowing in from your own stories. Kate Howard will provide you with an embed code for the form as you near publication. Reach her at
  6. Let us know you’ve published, so we can see what you have done. We want to follow your work and possibly boost it. Once you’ve completed a story, we might happily share it on our social media channels and in our email newsletter.
  7. Feel free to pitch us if you find something particularly noteworthy. We may produce a radio segment based on the networks’ stories at some time in the future. Let us know if you think you have a story that would make for good radio.