In this pilot: WBEZ reporters show how heroin moves from Juarez, Mexico, to Chicago and into the Midwest; reports from inside “The Box” from teens in solitary confinement; and an update on our examination of prescription drug abuse in the VA.


Host: Al Letson
Executive Producers: Ben Adair, Susanne Reber
Senior Producer: Mia Zuckerkandel
Editors: Amy Pyle, Andrew Donohue, Robert Salladay, Mark Katches
Producers: Michael Montgomery, Michael I Schiller
Reporters: Daffodil Altan, Trey Bundy, Aaron Glantz, Amy Julia Harris, Chip Mitchell, Natalie Moore, G.W. Schulz, Bernice Yeung
Production Assistance: Allegra Bandy
Mix Engineer: Jim Briggs Jaena Rae Cabrera, Nikki Frick, Sheela Kamath, Christine Lee, Sam Ward, Mia Zuckerkandel
Video Producers: Daffodil Altan, David Ritsher, Michael I Schiller
Senior Management for PRX: Jake Shapiro, John Barth, Kerri Hoffman
Senior Management for CIR: Robert J. Rosenthal, Mark Katches, Joaquin Alvarado, Susanne Reber
Promo Narration: Peter Coyote

Jaena Rae Cabrera worked at The Center for Investigative Reporting until February, 2017. Jaena Rae Cabrera is a Web producer for Reveal. Prior to joining Reveal, Cabrera was Web producer for Renaissance Journalism, a San Francisco-based nonprofit specializing in training, technical assistance, consultation and grants to journalists for media innovations that strengthen communities. Cabrera received a master’s degree in library and information science from Syracuse University. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor's in journalism. Cabrera is based in Reveal's Emeryville, California, office.