For many years, we have been a leader in developing new ways to understand and measure the impact of investigative journalism. 

We’ve pioneered new frameworks, case studies and a customizable tool, the Impact Tracker, to collect and analyze the impact of our journalism and to help other newsrooms do the same. In 2014, we launched the Impact Tracker internally and a year later rolled out an open-source version to other newsrooms. 

After nearly seven years of development, we are transferring ownership of the Impact Tracker tool to Impact Architects, a consulting company that specializes in designing and measuring high-impact media strategies. Lindsay Green-Barber, the firm’s founder and CEO, originally led the development of the tool and framework during her time at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, bringing historical knowledge of the platform in addition to expertise on measurement and evaluation. 

We’ve always known the tool has huge potential to be used to measure impact in journalism and beyond. As we have evolved as an organization, we sought a partner who can manage the technology and continued product development. Impact Architects has deep relationships in the media sector, with many of the organizations already using the Impact Tracker, and has plans to both update it and bring it to other sectors.

“At IA, we see a deeper understanding of the real-world change resulting from diverse, equitable and inclusive journalism as key to the future of news and information,” Green-Barber said. “We are excited to take on the Impact Tracker and continue to develop the platform in service of this vision.”

Reveal will continue to offer some training and resources about how the tool is used in our newsroom, focusing on the strategies we use to build a culture of impact measurement. Impact Architects will oversee continued development of the tool, provide technical training and support, and explore opportunities to further support the field to build and measure high-impact engagement and reporting strategies. 

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Annie Chabel was the chief operating officer for The Center for Investigative Reporting. Served as an integral member of the senior leadership team, she contributed to the organization’s strategy, partners with its leadership team to achieve measurable strategic goals, and is responsible for continually improving and professionalizing CIR’s financial management and operations. Previously, she served as the director of philanthropic partnerships at CIR. Prior to joining CIR, Chabel served as the grants manager for the Bay Area Video Coalition, a nonprofit media arts center in San Francisco. Chabel is based in CIR’s Emeryville, California, office.