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Lifelines: A guide to the best reads on climate change and food

Two stories about how global warming is shaping human destinies top Tom Knudson’s list of the most interesting recent reporting about climate. Not far behind is a much different story, one that signals hope for a less carbon-intensive future.

Jan 4, 2017
Climate Change

Lifelines: The best reporting about food and climate

The web is a worldwide wilderness of information, a heaping digital banquet of articles about food and climate, some good, many mediocre, others superficial. Perhaps you would like some suggestions. Every month, Reveal’s Tom Knudson is going to be selecting the best stories on food and climate that you should read.

Nov 11, 2016

5 pesticides used in US are banned in other countries

As the European Union moves to phase out 22 toxic pesticides, a new study raises the question of what will happen to crops without them. In the United States, growers rely on many pesticides that other countries have banned. Many farm groups in the U.S. argue that there are no acceptable alternatives to these pesticides – that

Oct 23, 2014