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With rise in young painkiller abusers, officials see more heroin overdoses

With the steady rise of prescription drug abuse across the state, young pill addicts are succumbing in increasing numbers to another vice: heroin. For young people who otherwise might have been turned off by the needles and track marks associated with intravenous drug use, switching from abusing pills perceived as “clean” and “safe” to snorting […]

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Video: The tainted forest

In Oregon, a conflict is brewing between timber companies and residents over a little-known practice: the widespread use of herbicides in private forestry. Companies have been spraying millions of pounds of herbicide on their forestland, prompting health concerns among local residents who say the chemicals are carried by the wind. Last year, 41 residents submitted […]

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Homeland security watchdog: Anti-corruption efforts not ‘a perfect marriage’

The top watchdog for the Homeland Security Department told a House oversight panel today that turf battles over internal corruption investigations have subsided and his agency is not backlogged with employee misconduct cases, but he deflected questions about an ongoing criminal investigation of a Texas branch office. Acting Inspector General Charles K. Edwards, testifying before […]