We are pleased to reveal this year’s Reveal Investigative Fellows. Through the program, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting helps journalists hone their investigative skills while their home news outlets benefit from their investigative work. The fellowship’s underlying goal is to increase the range of backgrounds, experiences and interests within the field of investigative journalism, where diverse perspectives are critically important. This fellowship, now in its third year, was made possible with generous support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Democracy Fund. By the end of the next cohort, the program will have graduated 14 investigative fellows who produced projects for their outlets and for Reveal.

Meet the Fellows

Monique O. Madan, Miami Herald

What are the challenges victims of domestic violence face when trying to get their cases heard in Florida’s court system?

“This investigation will give a face to those victims and bring truth into our criminal justice system. It may shed light on not only what’s happening in Florida but in other parts of the country.”

Ko Bragg, Jackson Free Press

How do Mississippi prosecutors decide which juveniles will be charged as adults?

“Despite the summer-like climate we experience most of the year in Mississippi, not a lot of sunshine seeps into our taxpayer-funded agencies. I am looking forward to getting mentorship and training through this fellowship to illuminate systemic issues statewide, especially those impacting Mississippi’s most vulnerable population – our kids.”

Cassandra Giraldo, VICE News Tonight on HBO

What are the obstacles pregnant women with opioid addiction face when trying to get maternal healthcare and substance abuse treatment?

“This fellowship will provide me the opportunity and guidance to take my reporting to the next level and will also propel my video work into a deeper, more investigative sphere.”

Christine Trudeau, KYUK, public radio, Alaska

How do the rates of recidivism compare between rural and more urban regions of Alaska? How do these rates impact native Alaskan communities?

“For far too long, tribally sovereign indigenous peoples of this country and others the world over have been on the fringes or ignored completely. My hope for the future of journalism is to truly show the best of Native peoples in the world, for them to see the best of themselves in news coverage, while also not being afraid to hold power accountable.”