The Disappeared

A collection of never-before-seen records shows what migrant children endure once they’ve been placed in U.S. custody.

A portrait of Doña Amalia, who is wearing a pink fleece jacket. She has her eyes closed as she faces the camera.
Credit: Devyn Galindo

Migrant Kids Separated From Family for Six Years by US Government

For six years, a North Carolina family has tried to find out what the U.S. government did with its children after they were separated at the border. 

Leer en español: Los Desaparecidos

In an illustration, a small airplane circles a girl's head. Pieces of paper swirl around her head.
Credit: Molly Mendoza

US Detained Migrant Children for Far Longer Than Previously Known

Newly obtained data shows that the U.S. government has detained more than 25,000 migrant children for longer than 100 days over the past six years.

Listen: An Adolescence, Seized

Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Harold Schneider leads a teenage boy out of a bathroom. The teen’s face is not visible, and his hands are behind his back.
Credit: Bodycam footage obtained from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

‘I’m Going to Tase This Kid’: Government Shelters Are Turning Refugee Children Over to Police

The federal refugee agency is supposed to care for migrant children. But some shelters have turned to police after children allegedly fought, damaged property or had mental health needs.

Follow-up: Texas Deputy Who Tased Unarmed Refugee Child Won’t Be Disciplined

An illustration shows a boy surrounded by calendars with several weeks’ worth of days X’ed out.
Credit: Lola Avigliano for Reveal

Scores of Migrant Children Considered or Attempted Suicide in US Custody, Records Show

Data obtained by Reveal highlights how a patchwork system can be ill-equipped to tackle serious mental health episodes, leaving migrant children to bear the tremendous toll.


Hillman Foundation: Prize for Web Journalism
Aura Bogado and Melissa Lewis

IRE: 2020 FOI Award
The Disappeared/An Adolescence, Seized 
Aura Bogado, Melissa Lewis, Victoria Baranetsky, Rachel Brooke, Jenny Casas, Wilson Sayre, Najib Aminy, Brett Simpson, Amy Mostafa, Andrew Donohue, Esther Kaplan, Mitchell Landsberg, Soo Oh, Nikki Frick, Al Letson, Matt Thompson, Kevin Sullivan, John Barth, Jim Briggs and Fernando Arruda

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