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Homeland Security IG Often in Conflict With Agencies on Corruption Probes

A turf battle between the inspector general’s office in the Department of Homeland Security and the agency’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division and the FBI has delayed some investigations and threatens to undermine enforcement actions, records and interviews show. CIR’s Andrew Becker reports for The Washington Post. >> Read the full article.

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Dispatch: On the Train to Chechnya

In February, correspondent Anna Badkhen traveled from Moscow to Grozny, Chechnya by train to report on the simmering insurgency and human rights violations that continue to wrack the region after Russia announced the end of its war against Chechen separatists last year. She hid her identity as a journalist and kept a journal during the […]

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iWitness: Chechnya’s Hidden War

In February, correspondent Anna Badkhen traveled from Moscow to Grozny to report on the simmering insurgency and human rights violations that continue to haunt Chechnya. Badkhen journeyed to Grozny via a 43 hour train ride, hiding her identity as a journalist so she could report on the human rights landscape deep inside Chechnya for FRONTLINE/World […]

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Informants Can Greatly Aid U.S. Authorities but Still Face Deportation

Confidential informants who don’t have legal immigrant status have been led to believe that federal agencies would help them get U.S. residency in exchange for their assistance in undercover investigations, only to have the implied or explicit promises broken. CIR’s Andrew Becker reports for the Los Angeles Times. >> Read the full story in the […]

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Where the Story Appeared

California Watch’s report on homeland security appeared in more than 30 California media outlets with an estimated daily newspaper circulation of 1.8 million and over 27 Web sites with an estimated total of more than14 million monthly unique visitors. Many newspapers carried the story on their front pages. KGO TV in San Francisco also carried […]

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Fear and Fortune

It seemed impossible that John C. Mattman could fail. But a mere seven months after his company went public in 2006 and began selling shares boasting that its success was assured, the unthinkable happened. By the end of that year, Mattman had just $200 in a personal bank account and $2.3 million in outstanding claims […]

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Gasto en seguridad nacional marcado por despilfarro y supervisión deficiente

Inspectores estatales identificaron más de 15 millones de dólares en gastos cuestionables provenientes de subsidios para seguridad nacional gastados en California, concluyó una investigación realizada por California Watch. Haciendo uso de las leyes de registros abiertos del estado, la unidad investigadora iniciada este año por la organización sin fines de lucro Centro para Informes de […]