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Posted inAccountability

South Africa’s Nuclear Underground

When South African police raided the warehouse of a company called Tradefin Engineering, a manufacturer of pipes and valves, in September 2004, they discovered stacks of shipping containers eleven stories high loaded with parts marked for reassembly in Libya, that would have given the Libyans the ability to process enough enriched uranium for several nuclear […]

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Posted inNational Security

Taking the Long Way to America

Cuban migrants who actually set foot on American soil get to stay as refugees. Anybody caught at sea is sent home. So, many migrants no longer take a boat to Florida. Lygia Navarro reports on what they’re doing now. This project was partially funded by CIR’s Dick Goldensohn Fund. Visit the Marketplace website to listen […]

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AIR: Nice Work If You Can Get It

“Contracting Rush for Security Led to Waste, Abuse.” The headline of the Washington Post’s lead story on May 22, 2005 was an eye-opener. Over the course of a 15-month investigation, veteran Post investigative reporters Scott Higham and Robert O’Harrow, Jr. had uncovered case after case of mismanagement and misuse of taxpayers’ money by the U.S. […]

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The Enemy Within

In “The Enemy Within,” Frontline and The New York Times – in affiliation with the Center for Investigative Reporting – team up to investigate the nature of the terrorism threat against the United States five years after 9/11. After a multibillion dollar government reorganization and the transformation of domestic counterterrorism efforts, is the country better […]

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The Middleman

Asher Karni was “a genius” in South Africa’s military electronics trade. Now he’s in jail in Brooklyn, accused of orchestrating a nuclear black market deal. On New Year’s Day 2004, conditions in the Rocky Mountains seemed ideal for the ski vacation that Asher Karni had long anticipated. Fresh snowfall had slowed Denver to a cool […]