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Business of the Bomb: The Modern Nuclear Marketplace

The number of nations seeking nuclear technology is rising. An hour-long radio documentary by CIR and American RadioWorks investigates the most serious threats of nuclear proliferation today. >> Listen to the radio story on ARW >> Read the story by Mark Schapiro >> More about South Africa's nuclear underground

Apr 10, 2008

South Africa’s Nuclear Underground

When South African police raided the warehouse of a company called Tradefin Engineering, a manufacturer of pipes and valves, in September 2004, they discovered stacks of shipping containers eleven stories high loaded with parts marked for reassembly in Libya, that would have given the Libyans the ability to process enough enriched uranium for several nuclear

Apr 10, 2008
Money and Politics

The Money Behind the Anti-McCain Ad

>> Listen to the story on National Public Radio With Sen. John McCain clinching the Republican presidential nomination, a new Democrat-funded group has already begun an ad campaign labeling him the "McSame" as President Bush. The campaign represents the opening salvo from a consortium of top Democrat donors, operatives and unions who at this point

Mar 6, 2008
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