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Are California class sizes increasing?

A California Watch survey of the state's 30 largest, K-12 school districts found that class sizes in kindergarten through third grade are increasing beyond 20 in many districts. In general, the figures in this map refer to teacher-student ratios set by the district for the 2009-10 school year. Actual class size may vary at individual


Rising Class Sizes: Where the story appeared

California Watch’s report on class size appeared in various media, including several newspapers including the Los Angeles Daily News, Modesto Bee and the San Diego Union-Tribune. As a part of our collaboration with KQED Radio, the class size story also aired on KQED's The California Report. The program was also heard on more than two


FAQ: How class-size reduction works in California

Get the answers to your questions about California's class-size reduction program as well as who to contact How did the program start? The program was initiated in 1996, to reduce average class sizes in K-3 grades to 20 students to every teacher. At the time, K-3 class sizes in California averaged 28.6 students, among the

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