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Today’s major environmental issues, including pesticide use, oil and mining, food security, and climate change

America’s digital dumping ground

You got that new gadget you wanted for the holidays – but what happens to your old ones? On this episode of Reveal, we talk to environmentalists who’re following the global trail of America’s electronic castoffs.

Jan 7, 2017


“Catfight” examines the struggle over how to deal with America’s stray cats.

Dec 21, 2016
Climate Change

Why trees won’t save us from climate change

Trees can slow the warming of our planet by taking carbon out of the air, but only if they’re healthy. Hotter, longer summers could soon be weakening trees beyond repair, devastating whole forests and turning them into sources of carbon.

Jul 21, 2016

Poison lurking in schools

On this hour of Reveal, we take a closer look at PCBs, compounds that were used widely in school building materials such as window caulk. They were banned in 1979 but still pose a serious health risk to kids today.

Jun 11, 2016

Mighty Ike: A monster storm in the making

Texas is home to the Houston Ship Channel, one of the world’s busiest maritime waterways. It’s also home to the nation’s largest oil refining and petrochemical complex. What would happen to the area if a big hurricane hit?

Mar 5, 2016
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