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Slideshow: Yarsagumba harvesters face harsh conditions

Nepalese villagers endure harsh temperatures and steep hikes to harvest yarsagumba, the rare fungus known as “Himalayan Viagra,” which sells for about $9,400 a pound. To see more photography by Thomas L. Kelly, visit   Arms race on America’s streets Arms race on America’s streets Thomas L. Kelly Fortunes are being made in the pursuit […]

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Bangladesh farmers confront new climate reality

Bangladesh has made dramatic progress in ensuring that its people are fed. But can it stop a changing climate from sweeping away the gains? Protesters in the southern city of Satkhira call on the government to help them drain their waterlogged fields.Jon Miller/Homelands Productions This story originally aired on American Public Media’s Marketplace. TRANSCRIPT: Kai Ryssdal: There […]

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Turning the population tide

This story also appeared on PBS NEWSHOUR. A related story can be found on American Public Media’s Marketplace. The Philippines’ swelling population is causing fishing villages to embrace birth control for the first time, and not just as a means to plan their families. They also see it as a path to long-term food security, […]