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Subsidized Squalor

Residents live with rodents, filth and security problems at the hands of a public agency rife with financial abuse and leadership failures.
Subsidized Squalor

Residents to file federal complaint about deplorable public housing

Diana Stanton tells inspectors about the roach infestation at the Hacienda public housing complex.Lacy Atkins/San Francisco Chronicle RICHMOND, Calif. ­– Residents of Richmond’s worst public housing project are taking their concerns about deplorable living conditions to the federal government. An Oakland law firm is working with residents of Hacienda, a 150-unit high-rise that is home

Feb 27, 2014
Subsidized Squalor

Public housing inspections ordered amid outcry over filthy conditions

Steve Muccular visits his family at the Hacienda public housing complex in Richmond, Calif. The building’s security guards don’t venture up to the sixth floor, he says, so he squatted in the laundry room for months.Lacy Atkins/San Francisco Chronicle RICHMOND, Calif. ­­– Richmond’s city manager has ordered inspections of 550 public housing units in the

Feb 21, 2014
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