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Hired Guns

Across the U.S., a haphazard system of lax laws, minimal oversight and little accountability puts guns in the hands of guards who endanger lives.

When bad cops become bad security guards

Reveal discovered armed guards with histories of civil rights violations, excessive force and corruption that did not trail them from their former lives as police, sheriff’s deputies and corrections officers.


5 ways the armed-guard industry is out of control

Private security companies have hired felons, people with mental health issues and former police officers accused of abuse. There are horror stories from nearly every state, and they all point to the same issue: an industry lacking oversight and accountability.


California security firms stay in business after licenses are revoked

Dozens of California security companies have continued operating after regulators discovered abuses of power or evidence of mismanagement or fraud, according to a Reveal investigation. The state’s lax oversight and enforcement of the guard industry will be discussed at a hearing today in Sacramento.

Mar 18, 2015
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