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Surveillance and Privacy

How the proliferation of surveillance technology affects personal privacy in the digital age
Criminal Justice

Post Script: Curious stories of the unexpected

Post Script is an original video series that unravels how some of mankind’s brightest ideas wound up taking an abrupt turn from their original design. Each bite-sized episode combines nuanced reporting with visually experimental short-form storytelling.

Local Law Enforcement

Officials defend immigration polices in responses to DOJ

Eight cities and counties, plus the state of California, have until the end of the day to explain to the Justice Department why their local “sanctuary” policies don’t violate federal law. It marks the end of a week in which President Donald Trump and Republicans saw progress on a number of their immigration priorities in Congress and in the courts.

Jun 30, 2017
Criminal Justice

Update: Eyes on cops

Violence caught on video recently has been a painful reminder of the strained relations between the public and police. This friction is not new. What is new is the technology: cameras and smartphones that record and transmit the violence live or within minutes.

Jul 15, 2016
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