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DEA installs license-plate recognition devices near Southwest border

Interstate 19 in Arizona, heading toward the U.S.-Mexico borderKen Lund/Flickr In their unending battle to deter illegal immigration, drug trafficking and terrorism, U.S. authorities already have beefed up border security with drug-sniffing dogs, aircraft  and thousands more agents manning interior checkpoints. Now, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has decided it wants more, and the Justice […]

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Police, lobbyists defeat bill to regulate license-plate scanners

Security guards at the Arden Fair mall in Sacramento see this visual interface after digitally scanning a license plate.Courtesy of Steve Reed Under pressure from law enforcement lobbyists and private industry, a California lawmaker has abandoned his effort to restrict how personal information on the whereabouts of drivers generated from high-tech license-plate scanners can be […]

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Court decision on police GPS spying lacks clarity, experts say

DNY59/ A critical Supreme Court ruling at the intersection of modern technology and privacy leaves open whether police can still track the car or cell phone of a suspect without threatening their constitutional rights, according to a new report [PDF] from the Congressional Research Service. Investigators in 2004 secretly affixed a tracking device to the car […]