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The Trump Era

The secret Trump voter

On Reveal, we’ll learn why Donald Trump supporters kept a low profile – until Election Day, that is – and hear what they have to say now that their candidate is headed to the White House.

Returning Home to Battle

Veterans voted for Trump to ‘drain the swamp’

Exit polls show veterans played a pivotal role in Donald Trump’s surprise victory. Many said they weren’t sure what a Trump presidency would bring, but wanted to reject Hillary Clinton, who they said mishandled classified information and was unwilling to reform a broken VA health care system.

Nov 9, 2016

Voting 2016 – Rights under siege

Claims of vote rigging and voter suppression have dominated the 2016 election, against a backdrop of voting rights already under siege in a way they haven’t been since the civil rights movement. Reveal reporters and producers are in the field in key locations, documenting what’s happening on the ground in real time.

Nov 7, 2016
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