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Fact-based journalism is worth fighting for.


Workers’ Rights

In the ceaseless push for profits, corporate accountability and safety often take a back seat.
Worked Over

Disposable workers in Asia

Since the 1980s, the electronics industry largely has moved overseas in search of cheaper labor. Reporter Sandra Bartlett went to South Korea to learn more about a movement that has sprung up to investigate the illnesses and deaths of factory employees at Samsung, one of the largest electronics companies in the world.


OSHA to take hard look at ‘big oil’ in the Bakken

Following a Reveal investigation into worker deaths and injuries in the Bakken oil fields, a top federal workplace safety regulator in North Dakota announced plans for a tougher enforcement strategy intended to hold major energy companies accountable for workplace accidents.


Death in the Bakken

Reveal reporter Jennifer Gollan heads to North Dakota to examine the story of one young man’s tragic death in the Bakken oil fields, exposing the dangers oil workers face.

Jun 13, 2015
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