In a 2019 investigation, we used dozens of injury records from Amazon facilities across the U.S. to explain how the company’s obsession with speed turned its warehouses into injury mills.

It was a partial picture of the issue, informed by documents from 23 of Amazon’s then-110 fulfillment centers. Taken together, the records showed that the rate of serious injuries for those facilities was more than double the national average for the warehousing industry.

Now, a new cache of company records we obtained shows that Amazon officials have misled the public and lawmakers about its record on worker safety. These records include weekly data from 2016 through 2019 from more than 150 Amazon warehouses. They expose the brutal cost to workers of Amazon’s vast shipping empire – and the bald misrepresentations the company has deployed to hide its growing safety crisis.

This update to our Amazon Reporting Network expands its potential significantly, offering local reporters a chance to investigate a national story about one of the world’s biggest companies in their own backyards. 

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