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Shaping the Media Message: Video News Releases (VNRs)

The controversial practice of releasing “fake” news stories and sending them for free to content-starved small local news stations is common in many industries. These Video News Releases (called VNRs) are often aired on these stations as real news, often without any attribution or disclaimers to reveal that the stories were paid for and produced

Apr 24, 2007

The Manipulation of Science

In the spring of 1998, a remarkable document surfaced. The eight-page "action plan" detailed plans by the American energy industry — notably oil companies and a large electricity producer — to derail the Kyoto Protocol, the landmark treaty aimed at slashing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At the time, then-President Bill Clinton and his deputies were

Apr 24, 2007

Shaping the Media Message: Sophisticated Ad Campaigns

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is one of the organizations most heavily funded by ExxonMobil and other industry leaders as part of a campaign to spread doubt about global warming. Watch two TV ads CEI has produced. "We Call it Life" The Competitive Enterprise Institute is one of the organizations most heavily funded by ExxonMobil and

Apr 24, 2007

About – Waking to Warming

Credits FRONTLINE: "Hot Politics" Peter Bull: Producer and Writer Deborah Amos: Correspondent Pascal Akesson: Editor Mark Hertsgaard: Reporter and Editorial Consultant Justin Weinstein: Field Producer Anthony Forma: Director of Photography Christina Fleming: Production Associate Oriana Zill de Granados: Senior Producer, CIR Christa Scharfenberg and Dan Noyes: Executive Producers, CIR Michael Sullivan: Executive Producer for Special

Apr 9, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

About This Investigation — America’s Racial Cleansings

Credits BANISHED Director/Producer: Marco Williams Co-Producer: Maia Harris Editors: Kathryn Barnier, Sandra Christie Camera: Stephen McCarthy Sound: J.T. Takagi Music Composed by David Murray Original Art by Karen Zasloff Associate Producers: Shukree Tilghman, Van Dora Williams Additional Camera: Elia Lyssy, Yoni Brook, John Foster, Jay A. Kelley, Allen Moore Additional Sound: Judy Karp, Philip Keeler,

Mar 26, 2007

U.S. Military tried to thwart LA Times investigation into prisoner abuse

Officials in the U.S. military, from the Pentagon on down, tried to thwart L.A. Times reporters who uncovered deaths and possible torture of detainees in Afghanistan. One of the reporters, Craig Pyes, is now a CIR Senior Correspondent. The article appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of Nieman Reports, a quarterly magazine about journalism published

Mar 2, 2007

Army Reprimands 2 Soldiers for Abuses Uncovered by CIR Reporter

On January 22, the Army’s Special Forces Command announced that it had disciplined two soldiers for assaulting detainees at a Special Forces bases in eastern Afghanistan, and for failing to report the death of one of the detainees. The administrative reprimands came as the result of an Army criminal probe spurred by a Los Angeles

Feb 7, 2007
Money and Politics

Judge Apologizes

A federal judge identified by the Center for Investigative Reporting for making campaign contributions while on the bench has apologized for violating the judicial code of conduct. Judge Deborah L. Cook of Ohio made two political donations after she was appointed by President Bush to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2003. A

Jan 12, 2007
Money and Politics

Timeline of Uncertainty for Bush Judicial Nominee

The likelihood of a Senate vote on the nomination of Judge Terrence W. Boyle to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has generated considerable speculation since the Center for Investigative Reporting first revealed Boyle’s conflicts of interest in a story May 1st. Majority Leader Bill Frist had indicated in April that he would

Jan 10, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

Bush drops Boyle nomination

Bloomberg reports: “Boyle declined an invitation last month by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to withdraw his nomination, said Lars H. Liebeler, a Washington lawyer and former Boyle law clerk who spoke on behalf of the judge.”

Jan 9, 2007
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