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Olivia Merrion

Olivia Merrion


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Olivia Merrion is a producer and documentary filmmaker who has produced online videos for NPR, PBS, Recode, the Associated Press, Discovery Communications, and Slate, among others. She attended James Madison University, where she earned her degree in digital video and cinema. Her capstone film received honors from the Broadcast Education Association and won the Audience Choice Award at the Virginia Student Film Festival. After graduating, she worked in Washington, D.C., as a freelance shooter and editor for NPR and other media outlets. In late 2015, she joined the creative studio collective 1504 as a contributing producer.


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Health Care

Is Egg Donation Safe?

Dr. Jennifer Schneider lost her 31-year-old daughter to colon cancer in 2003. She wonders whether there was a link between her daughter being a three-time egg donor and the tumors found on her ovaries and abdomen.

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